Our Impact through Coordinated Entry


We have seen a POSITIVE impact

In total we were able to house close to 100 individuals and offer help to 144 people! These numbers show the importance of our systems and how many people we can help in our community.

Overall homeless is decreasing in Abilene

After our Point-in-Time count in January 2019, we say a decrease in the homeless population in Abilene. The data shows there is a direct correlation between the efforts of WTHN and the decrease in homelessness from our systems, which include:

Implementation of Coordinated Entry, a dynamic partnership and sharing of data between Abilene's homeless service providers;

100-Day Challenge, in which we housed 64 of our most vulnerable neighbors;

Mayors Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness, in which we achieved functional zero for veteran homelessness in Abilene.

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