Who We Are

The West Texas Homeless Network is a group of local organizations and advocates working together to prevent and end homelessness in West Central Texas.

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Rare.  Brief.  Nonrecurring.

We believe that ending homelessness in our communities is possible.  In other words, we want homelessness to be a condition that is rare, brief and nonrecurring. 

To accomplish this goal, we introduce Home Again West Texas, a system to help people experiencing homelessness find housing and assistance as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Housing First

The housing first model is an intervention designed to help individuals and families quickly exit homelessness and return to permanent housing.

Some local agencies also provide follow-up case management once a person or family is placed into a permanent home to increase their chances of a successful adjustment.

Lightest Touch

We believe in housing people with the lightest possible touch from the system. 

Imagine having limited access to transportation and being referred to multiple agencies in different areas of town before ever reaching someone who can help connect you to housing options, if you ever reach someone at all.  It's daunting.  And too many are faced with this situation.

The idea of Home  Again West Texas is to streamline the process of serving people in need of housing by referring them to the right agency the first time.  Otherwise, a person could be sent to multiple different agencies in multiple locations, and they might give up before finally reaching the agency that can best meet their needs.

It takes a community.

Even if you're not a service provider, you have a role to play in helping people in need of housing.

This resource guide can inform you of which local agencies can best serve someone experiencing homelessness, based on their needs.

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